Ranking Structure
[ Incentive Base Ranking: By completion of rank requirements and exceptional display of the skills defined in each phase of training, the student will be promoted to the next rank and certified to teach prior curriculum.  Certificate will define and detail status and responsibilities of student in regards to their rank and instructorship.  Instructor status within the Maitum and Asul rankings  ONLY allows students to teach within the main school and with a sanctioned training group.  Students holding this status cannot open a PDE Branch school for profit and cannot add/change/augment anything within the PDE curriculum.

*Belt system developed to honor Grandmaster Julian “Blue” Generalao.
Mapute (White) – represents a void of knowledge, innocent view of the destination one is seeking in Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima, the beginning of a long journey. 

Maitum (Black) – represents an initial inner conflict of learning to balance the teachings and instructions of the art, the struggles of the journey.  

Asul (Blue) – Apprentice - represents the clearing and one finding balance and harmony, one can now see the end of the journey. (Rank equivalent to 1st – 2nd Dan Black Belt).

Full Instructorship Ranks: 
Pulahan (Red) – the destination and end of the journey; however, the end is the beginning of truly understanding what you have traveled through and culminating your knowledge into the warrior mindset. Training ends and your learning begins.

Level 1 – Pulahan Maestro - Average 6 – 8 years of tutelage within Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima, one is tested on all curriculum from Mapute to Asul- in accordance to not only the physical but mental and spiritual aspects of the art as well. 

Level 2 – Pulahan Chief Maestro – This rank is an introduction to those who wish to open a school.  Bearer of this rank must exhibit his knowledge and abilities to become a efficient instructor and will hold the rank for up to 2 years before being considered for full certification and right to open a school of their own. 

Level 3 – Pulahan High Chief - Mentor for all apprentice/full maestros.  Certified to open a school of their own.  (Min. 8 - 10 years)

Following ranks are appointed and awarded to those who truly embody the philosophies and skills of a Pulahan-Derobio Eskrimador.  One must be an active instructor.  There are no tests.  Appointees have shown dedication and loyalty to the system and expressed the abilities to efficiently instruct and have culmination of extensive training and tutelage under the Siangco Collective Instructors.  By obtaining these ranks the individual earns a position within the Collective and become part of an eternal brotherhood.  Appointees are able to promote students within the ranks of Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima up to but not to exceed 3rd Level Pulahan High Chief.  Promotions to 4th Level Pulahan to 6th Level Pulahan must be sanctioned, approved and overseen by the Siangco Collective Founders. 

Level 4 – Pulahan Senior Chief -  (Min. 10 - 12 years)

Level 5 – Pulahan Master Chief - (Min. 12 - 14 years)

Level 6 – Pulahan Regional Master Chief - highest ranking one can achieve in the art of Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima…a lifetime achievement (Min. 12 - 14 years).  Oversees a specific region and/or group of schools/training groups.

Attainable only by Bloodline of Siangco Ohana:

Level 7 – Pulahan Master 

Level 8 – Pulahan Grandmaster

Individuals are first introduced to Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima as candidates in which they must undergo a 2 to 4 week on-boarding class called A.R.M Module Training or Accelerated Response Movement.  This exposes candidates to fundamental skills essential to efficient growth in training Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima.  After successful completion of A.R.M's, candidates will receive a certification in A.R.M Fundamentals and promoted into the student ranks of Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima.

The student ranks of Pulahan-Derobio Eskrima are structured into a 3-Phase training module, in which the student must complete and exhibit the required skills as founded by Master Chaz Siangco and the Siangco Collective of instructors.  When the student successfully test out of each rank he/she is also awarded a Phase Instructorship Certification allowing them to teach the curriculum of that rank.  This certification allows the student to teach other lower ranking students and to also begin an satelite training group.  The Phase Instructorship Cerification does not allow the student to open an official school or add/change/augment any skills within the PDE curriculum.  Student progression is completely dictated by the growth and understanding of the required skillsets per each student.  Opening the opportunity for students to share and lead will access a greater sense of belonging to the system and understanding of the art and it's intricacies.   

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Test / Certifcation to Maitum (A.R.M / Mapute Curriculum)
(Est. Timeline: 6 months - 1 year) 

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Test / Certification to Asul (A.R.M / Mapute / Maitum Curriculum)
(Est. Timeline: 2 - 4 years)

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Test / Certification to 1st Level Pulahan (A.R.M / Mapute / Maitum /  
Asul Curriculum)
(Est. Timeline: 4 - 6 years)

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